Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Fun College Care Packages

When my sweet girl went away to college, I was sad. 
I love her so and knew I would miss her like CRAZY. 
I tried to focus on the positives (and there are many), 
but at first the ONLY good thing about it was 
that I knew I'd be able to send her fun care packages from time to time. 
Because I LOVE putting together fun packages! 

I typically post a pic of these packages on Instagram but decided to go ahead and 
post all of them here for easy reference in case someone was looking for ideas. 
I've missed taking pics of a few but the majority of the ones I sent are pictured below.

I typically send her a package for Valentine's Day and then again at finals time. 
Occasionally I throw in another one so there are a few random ones here too! 

As for what I place inside, I typically include: 
  • some sort of candy or snack
  • a gift card to Starbucks or one of her favorite places to eat
  • fun socks (because she loves socks)
  • a cute t-shirt 
  • some sort of stress relief (bubbles, a game, coloring book, etc)
  • a seasonal dishtowel or decoration
  • a coffee cup or water bottle
  • other fun random things I find

You'll see three of lots of things in the pictures below because 
the finals packages are for her AND her awesome roommates. 

Valentine's Day packages: 
This package has 14 wrapped items- one to open each day from Feb. 1-Feb. 14th.

Finals Care Packages: 
This one was for AFTER Finals and only after she and her roommates turned 21!

 DONUT Stress, You'll do great on your finals! And DONUT forget you are loved!

 I love you a latte! For finals all you need is Jesus and Coffee and a whole bunch of studying too!

 I love you more than all the polka dots! 

Orange you glad the semester is almost over? 

I love you a bushel and a peck!

Just because care packages: 
 Bubble Wrap Stress Relief

 I am so blue without you!

A box of sunshine to brighten your day!

I'm super sad that my days of sending care packages are almost over- 
since my sweet girl graduates in May. 
I'm thinking about starting to sell and send them for parents 
who want to send one but don't have the time.