Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Treat Tags

One of my favorite things to do is send
happy mail to folks in our school district. 
I actually put items on my calendar to remind me to 
do so and I've made an effort to do it for any meetings I hold as well.

It may seem silly to send folks little bags of snacks or treat with a cute note, 
but it's funny how something little bitty with a note reminding someone 
that they are loved and appreciated- can make a HUGE impact. 

I gathered some of the treat tags I've made 
and placed them in my ETSY shop HERE

The set of tags includes a set of 10 treat notes to print and attach to 
a treat for a teacher, friend, or employee. 
You will be provided with a zipped digital file (no item will be shipped)
of 10 images to print in any size 
(I typically print mine in wallet size). 

Treat tags included:
  • You are so BERRY Appreciated: fruit snack
  • DONUT ever forget how much we appreciate you! : donuts
  • There is absolutely, positively no way to HIGHLIGHT all the amazing things you do! highlighter
  • Just keep swimming: goldfish crackers
  • Just POPPING in to say no one is BUTTER than you! : popcorn
  • Have we told you REESE-NTLY how thankful we are for you? : Reese's PB cups
  • Thank you for your achieve-MINT, commit-MINT, invest-MINT, involve-MINT: mint
  • Thanks for the important ROLL you play each day! : Tootsie Roll
  • You deserve a big BREAK: Kit Kat Bar

Here are some examples of treats I've done using the tags: