Monday, October 23, 2017

Acts of Kindness Lunchbox Notes

Back in August I created a Lunchbox Note set and added it to my ETSY store.
It includes 48 little notes to put in a 
lunchbox, locker, or backpack to encourage your child.

{If you are interested, you can purchase the set HERE. }

This weekend as I prepared for a MOPS talk I'm giving in a few weeks, 
I thought.....Wouldn't it be fun to have some acts of kindness lunchbox notes? 
Each could give a suggestion of something kind for your child to do that day. 
So after jotting down a list of ideas, I created some! 

Being kind is something everyone wants to do but 
sometimes we all need a little help thinking of WHAT to do! 
This listing is for a set of 18 acts of kindness notes for your child.
This gives you 18 positive and motivational notes to print and give to your child-
each with an idea of something kind they can do for someone that day.

If you'd like to purchase a set, you can find them HERE