Wednesday, March 30, 2016

GOOD News 3/30/16

I love happy stories.
You know, those happy, inspiring, tear producing stories that
remind you there IS good in the world!
I LOVE those so very much!  
I love them so much that I seek them out
daily to remind me of the good in people!

I share lots of those types of stories on Facebook 
but here are a few of my favorites from the past week!

This precious young man saved his money 
and paid off his grandparents mortgage 
and sent them on a trip. PRECIOUS! 

This precious girl was born unable to walk or speak. 
But that doesn't stop her! 

Her goal was to score a goal
with the help of her favorite player, Duncan Keith.
And she did!

This Wisconsin teacher made the life-changing 
announcement that she was going to donate a kidney to her 1st grade
studentand this is the moment the grandmother found out!  
Be sure and grab a Kleenex!

This 11 year old throws a Thank You party for police.
So sweet!

This 8 year old violinist excels beyond measure despite
a hand disability.  This adorable girl does not know the word CAN'T!

This. This is what we should all be doing.
LOVE x 1,000,000,000.