Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hey YOU! Did you know....

I don't know about you but there are some days 
that I SO need the reminder that God loves me. 

I mean, I KNOW intellectually that He does- 
but sometimes when things are yucky 
(root canals and rashes and a mouse in your house, OH MY!)
I tend to forget the truth that....

He is always with me......If anyone leaves, it's me, not Him.
He will bless me......Just not always in the ways I think.
He will provide for me......ALWAYS. 
He will give me rest......If I will listen.
He will go before me.....And with me. 
He will guide me.....I just have to seek Him. 
He will answer me.....If and when I shut up long enough to listen. 
He will strengthen me........He IS my strength. 
He will always love me.....NOTHING can separate me from His love. 

I typed up a little reminder for myself 
and to post in bathrooms and mirrors and bulletin boards- 
for anyone that might need the reminder too! 

You can print out your own copy HERE.