Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness 2012

So I shared the other day that I was planning a BIG RAOK for my upcoming birthday 
and wondered if you all would be willing to donate towards it- 
because it's going to be a little costly.  
And you guys......... YOU ROCK!
{Seriously you do!}

I had so many sweet comments and emails saying you'd love to 
donate that it almost made me cry! 
What kind and sweet hearts you all have!

So as I promised, here is my idea and a way for you to donate if you feel led to do so! 
This year instead of just performing 42 Random Acts of Kindness, 
I'm having a Random Acts of Kindness Birthday party! 
I'm inviting all my friends and family to join me on a Sunday afternoon and 
together we are going to do as many RAOK as we can!  
Instead of gifts, I'm asking my friends to bring items to help us with the RAOK 
{like quarters for the candy machines, laundry detergent for the laundromat, etc.}

In addition {and this is where the need for some $ comes in} I have rented a mobile snow cone truck for the afternoon and we are going to travel around and hand out snow cones to kids in some of the poorer neighborhoods in our town. 
 If time {and money} allows, we will also go hand them out at some fire and police stations and even any construction sites we can find workers at. 
Won't that be so much fun? 

The owner of the snow cone truck has been so kind and has given me a 
break on the price of truck rental and the price per snow cone. 
In addition to the truck rental cost which I am covering myself, each cone will cost $1.50. 
So, the more money I raise, the more kids will get snow cones! 

I've created three kindness printables. 
Below them is a PayPal Donate button for you to donate if you feel led to do so. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping!
Each and every single one of you is a huge blessing to me!