Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Randomness on a Tuesday Morning

1. There are only 14 more days of school.  
14? How the heck did that happen?
 This year seems like it's gone by at warp speed. Seriously. 
At this rate I will blink and be 65. 
Crazy how fast time goes as you get older. 

2. Madison performed in her first event at the
 high school for the drill team this past weekend.  
As I looked at the pictures I took of her before the Sat. night performance I was absolutely stunned by how grown up she looked.  How did my baby turn into a high school girl? 

3. This video cracks me UP! 

4.  Totally planning to make these Peanut Butter Brownies for my hubby very soon. 
Don't they look YUMMY? 

5. I'm totally addicted to the iPhone game Words with Friends. 
(It's like Scrabble) 
Seriously addicted. 
So addicted I have to make myself turn off the 
notifications at night and while I am at work or I'd play 24/7.  
(If you want to play with me, my name is Swtblessshan)

6. This post by Kristen on (In)Courage called When Her Life is Better Than Mine truly spoke to my heart. If you ever struggle with comparing yourself to others, go read it NOW! 

7. I am obviously a horrible judge of how old people are. 
The Sonic boy who I figured was about 17 or 18?
I found out he's married and has a baby and is in college. 
YIKES! Must mean I'm getting OLD. 

8. I'm hosting book club this Thursday at my house and we are discussing the Jodi Picoult book The Pact.  I big puffy heart LOVE her books and her most recent book, House Rules, is my absolute favorite. It's about a boy with high functioning autism and is amazing.  The thing I love most about her books is that she makes you see both sides of an issue.  As someone who usually sees things very black and white, with little gray- I love that.  If you haven't read anything by her I highly suggest you do! 

Enough randomness for now.............y'all have a fabulous day!