Friday, May 21, 2010

Flashback Friday

This picture was taken at my 4th birthday party. 
I'm in the pink, my sister is on the far right side 
and the other two girls were Kelly and Gina 
who were our BFF's when we were little.  

Don't you love the leaning towner of carousel cake that my mom made? 
And the wood paneling? Snazzy huh? 
And I know you are jealous of the 
yellow plastic stand behind us- so cool!

If you look closely- 
on that snazzy yellow stand you will see an 8 Track player. 
That cracks me up! 
I bet you can't even find an 8 Track tape anymore. 
My favorite tape that I remember playing 
over and over and over again was one by
 Captain and Tennille that had the song Muskrat Love on it.
 Anyone remember that song? 

And those flowers on the table?
I so vividly remember them. 
My dad- who was not officially my dad at the time- 
sent them to me for my birthday. 
Sent me- a 4 year old flowers. 
How sweet was that? 
I remember how special and how loved that made me feel.