Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eating Out

As a young child eating out was a 

It rarely happened and when it did it was either a very special occasion 
or a trip to Luby's cafeteria.  

I remember how excited I got when I
 found out we were going out to eat. 
I remember vividly enjoying every single sip of my Coke 
because in those days there were no free refills. (remember that?)
I remember how good the food tasted 
because it was special and different.

Now days it seems so very common to either go out to eat or 
pick something up to bring home to eat
 from a restaurant or fast food place. 
As someone who enjoys cooking, we used to eat out only once per week. 

But I've noticed that in the past year or so- as Madison's schedule has gotten busier and as I've gotten older (and more tired :), we've started to eat out more and more often.  Tony's in charge of dinner on Friday nights which means he brings something home from somewhere.  
We almost always then eat out on Sat. as a family and 
sometimes on Sunday after church.  
And then because of Madison's dance schedule, at least one night a week I pick up some fast food for her to eat during her break at dance and
 occasionally pick up Subway for all of us. 
 In addition to that because I don't cook on the nights we eat out, 
Tony doesn't always have a lunch to take to work and ends up eating lunch out on those days. 

I started thinking recently about how unhealthy 
and how expensive all that eating out is.  
When I added it all up it equaled at the very minimum $300 a month.  
I don't know about you, but $300 a month is a lot of money
 AND a lot of unnecessary calories and fat I'm sure. 

So much to the chagrin of my family,
 I decided that from now until the end of May we will not be eating out. 
This will help us save a little money
 and help us to eat healthier at the same time.  

I can't say my family was thrilled about this idea,
 but I think I eventually convinced them. 
(Madison was VERY sad because that girl loves some Chikafila and Chicken Express. )
I do realize it's going to be hard at times but I'm hoping 
that after a month and a half of not eating out, 
maybe our habit will be changed. 

What do you think? 
Will we be able to do it? 
Anyone want to join us?

(FYI- Sonic drinks are not included only because I have LOTS of gift cards from Sonic right now so I'll be using them instead of cash.  Thank goodness! :)