Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Day My Husband Completely Lost His Mind

Last week my husband was on vacation. 
He spent the week doing some things around the house
and did some much deserved relaxing. 

Friday he took me to school and then picked me up again at
the end of the day because we had planned to pick up
Madison and a friend and head to the movies right after school. 

As I walked out to the car, I saw that he was wearing a cap.

And I was scared.

Very scared.

Because in the over 10 years I have known him,
I have NEVER seen him wear a hat- EVER.

He doesn't like them and says they make him hot-
so he just doesn't wear them.
 I honestly didn't even know he owned one.

I got into the car rather hesitantly-
immediately saying
"WHY do you have a hat on?"

He gave me that sweet innocent little boy smile 
and I knew there was trouble. 

I said "OH NO, what did you do?"

So he took off his hat and showed me.

My 47 year old husband had gotten his haircut.



I was speechless.

Seriously speechless.
(For those who do not know him, he is so NOT a mohawk kind of guy)

Apparently earlier in the week he was driving Madison home from dance one night when he told her he was going to get his hair cut. He jokingly told her he was going to get mohawk. 

Madison made the mistake of saying
 "Oh no you are NOT going to get a mohawk!".

Well words like that to a man seem to
be not a statement, but instead a challenge.

And so he took it as such.

He had planned to cut his hair very short
 (It's a long story but he has a skin condition and saw the dermatologist earlier in the week who gave him
some prescription shampoo to use and he felt it would get to his scalp easier if his hair was very short)
and thought- why not?

(Had he asked me I could have thought of tons of reasons WHY NOT!)

Of course the silly man had the kind of hat on that has a cutout in the back-
 so his strip of hair showed through and looked absolutely ridiculous.

On the way to pick up Madison I made him stop at a store
and buy a hat that was fitted and went all the way around his head
since we were going to the movies and to dinner.
And made him swear to leave it on the whole time.

Madison was of course MORTIFIED.
Her sweet friend Amber thought it was hysterical-
 as did every single person that I told.

Of course my response to them was...........
"It's only funny because it's MY husband.
Trust would NOT be funny if it were yours!"

(FYI......Tony shaved his mohawk off Sat and after doing the laundry,
mopping the floors and unloading the dishwasher, is no longer sleeping in the doghouse)