Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 on Tuesday

10 things that Make Me Smile

1. This commercial. It's stupid but I crack up every single time I watch it.

2. This plate. It is so silly but how fun would it be to have one for each of your family members? I want to buy three but really can't justify it. 

3. Texting with my sweetest friend Dory (Which we do all. the. time. Seriously. You know it's bad when you send more texts a month than your 13 year old)  One day last week after a particularly rough day, we started texting and tweeting only in rhymes.  It was so funny and totally made me forget about my crappy day! 

4. New lipstick.  My beautiful and absolutely hysterical friend Donna had some gorgeous lipstick on the other day and so I ordered it from her (she sells Mary Kay) and I love it.  

5. Friends who are in the same room with you and send you funny emails during a frustrating meeting. (Friends like Donna and Mary Beth :)

6. Playing Words with Friends on my iPhone. Fun but addicting. Seriously. (My name is swtblessshan if you'd like to play)

7. Having Madison teach me a silly dance last night while standing in front of the bathroom mirror.  We only learned half but I was almost peeing in my pants from laughing so hard.  The beginning of the dance goes like this....................Don't make me snap my fingers in a Z formation, exclamation, celebration, booty rotation. HYSTERICAL. 

8. Friends who write on my Facebook wall. Why I love that so much? I have no idea. 

9. My cute new purse that Madison bought me for Valentine's Day.  So sweet of her to spend her own money on something I just said in passing that I really liked. LOVE that sweet girl to pieces. Every time I look at the purse it makes me smile- because it was from her and because it's cute.

10. That in exactly 31 days Dory is coming to see me. 31 days!!!!!! 
Can. not. wait.