Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Morning Question of the Day

When I was a child, my sweet mother would paint
wooden Christmas ornaments
(cut out by my sweet Daddy) each year for
the classmates of both my sister and I.

My mother was a very talented painter and would sit
for hours on the couch painting something.
(In fact, in my mind- that's often the picture I have of her in my head.
Sitting on the couch painting or reading a book. With a glass of sweet tea beside her. )  

I have friends who still to this day have some of those
 Snoopy and Ziggy (obviously this was LONG ago) ornaments.  

This was such a fun tradition and something
we looked forward to each year. 

When Madison was born, my mom 
decided to continue this tradtion with her. 
The ornaments she painted for her and her friends are adorable
and are now my absolutely favorites. 

As I hang them on the tree each year it 
breaks my heart that there are only a few.
They truly are some of my greatest treasures-
because they were painted with such love.

So what is your favorite ornament on your tree
and is there a special reason why?