Monday, December 7, 2009

The Best of 2009- December 7

I'm doing The Best of 2009 Blog Challenge by Gwen Bell.

December 7
Blog Find of the Year
The gem of a blog that you can't believe you didn't
know about until this year.

I read lots and lots of blogs. And I love them all.
Some are real life friends. Some are mom blogs. Some are crafty blogs. Some are photography blogs. Some are cooking blogs. Some are technology blogs. Some are inspirational blogs.

If I listed them all in my sidebar, this page would be L-O-N-G.

To pick one new one from this year is such a difficult task. 
Impossible really.  
I don't think I can just pick one- but I can pick two.

One of my favorite blogs that I started reading this past year is

She's a fabulous writer who works as Senior Editorial Director and Writer for DaySpring (one of my favorite all time companies) and (in)courage. I love her honesty, her vulnerability, her faith, her heart. She truly inspires me!

Reading Holley's blog has lead me to another of my favorite new blogs of the year- (in)courage

(in)courage is an amazing website full of
things written by fabulous Christian bloggers.
It is such an inspirational and amazing blog- I never leave there without feeling God has spoken directly to me. 
It truly blesses me each and every single time I visit there.