Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Best of 2009- December 3

I'm doing the Best of 2009 Blog Challenge by Gwen Bell.

December 3
What's an article that you read that blew you away? That you shared with all your friends. That you referenced throughout the year.

I think the article that really stuck with me, one that I read many times
and shared with friends was
I Have a Confession by Holley.

It stuck with me because there was
so much truth, so much honest, so much of the struggles I face daily in it.
Because being a woman is tough. Super stinkin' tough.

I struggled daily with being enough.
With living up to the expectations of those around me
and the ones I set for myself.

Because I worry about what people think about what I do, what I don't do, what I wear, what I say, how I look, how much I weigh, how I mother, how I keep my house, how I live my life, how I live my faith. I worry about everything.

I worry that in comparison I will fall short. That if people knew the "real" me, they wouldn't like me at all.

Holley's article reminded me of the truth.

The truth that we are beautiful, wonderfully made, and cherished by Him.

The truth that we are chosen, created,
and have all we need to fulfill God's plans for our lives.
He has made us exactly how He wanted us to be.

And in His eyes, the eyes of the only one that truly matters, we ARE enough.