Thursday, March 26, 2009


The Washington Post recently held an experiment with Joshua Bell, the world's best violin player. They set him up to play his $3.5 million violin in a Washington DC Metro stop during rush hour .

Over 1,000 people walked by, yet only a small handful stopped to listen and to appreciate his amazingly beautiful music.

If only they had known how amazing, how precious an opportunity they were walking right past simply because they were too busy, too preoccupied, too distracted, too caught up in the busy-ness that makes up our lives today. As I watched this I felt so sad for those poor people- who truly didn't know what they were missing.

And often do I..... do precisely the same thing with God?

There He is- the creator of the universe- who loves us more than we could ever imagine and who wants us to sit at His feet and listen to Him and spend time with Him- and yet we run right past Him on to the silly tasks that take up so much time in our lives.

Here's praying that today we stop.

Simply stop.

Stop and sit at His feet and listen.