Thursday, March 19, 2009

China Cabinet Makeover

I've had my grandmother's china cabinet since she died back in the early 90's. I vividly remember visiting with her the night before she went into the hospital for surgery (which should have been routine but which ultimately caused her death later that week) at her house. She was the neatest lady- so beautiful inside and out, so fun, and so very full of life. She was walking around with a yellow legal tablet writing down some specific things that she wanted people to have- in case she died. I remember saying...........Grandma, stop it, you are being silly. You are going to be fine and get to keep all of your stuff. Part of me wonders if perhaps she had some sort of premonition that something terrible would happen after her surgery and she would die. Anyway, during this walk around her beautiful home- she stopped in front of her dining room set and china cabinet. She turned and looked at me and asked me if I would like it- since I was newly married and didn't yet have one. I remember saying something about how I would love it- but not for a really long time- years and years and years down the road. She wrote it down on her legal pad and after her death I took it home- thinking of her often when I looked at it.

I kept it through several moves and a divorce and remarriage. Over time the table and chairs grew old and after many repairs, had to finally be replaced several years ago. But I could not bear to get rid of the china cabinet so I kept it.

Although I loved it, it was very dated. VERY dated with terribly ugly hardware. And so in preparation for our kitchen remodel this summer I decided that spring break was the perfect time to give it a makeover.

Tony was initially super hesitant when I suggested that we redo the china cabinet-only because I told him I wanted to use SPRAY paint. I've seen so many projects done on blogs recently using spray paint and loved them so I decided to give it a shot.

So we made a trip to Lowe's to purchase spray primer, paint, and new hardware. A little sanding, a little taping, less than 2 days of spray painting (and some sore arms) and we were done!

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! The finish is so much better than if we had painted it with a brush. Tony was AMAZED at how it looked and as I was taking these pics, he took some with his cell phone to show a friend because he couldn't believe how good it turned out. One of the greatest things is - if we ever scratch it- it is easily fixed with just a spray or two. I'm already planning my next spray paint project- so easy, so inexpensive, and so fun!