Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The weird, the cute, and the funny

The Weird

As Dory, her girls and I shopped in Dory's favorite store (the one that starts with W and ends with ALMART) last Thursday, we walked past a display that caught my eye. It wasn't something I had ever seen before so I stopped to take a look. The three of them laughed at me as I whipped out my phone to take a quick picture.

I don't know about my fellow Texans, but this is not something I had ever seen before.



Pickled bologna.

And they say we are a bit odd here in Texas.

And as if regular bologna wasn't yucky enough.

The Cute
Then while staying in a hotel in Louisville I opened the bathroom door to find the cutest little tiny sink in with the potty. It was so stinkin' tiny and so stinkin' cute. My hand could barely fit in the sink.

Dory said it was so cute and dinky that it should be called a DINK. Isn't it precious?

The Funny
After our trip to Louisville Dory and I were driving home to her house when we passed by several concrete stores with very large statues out in front. Even though it was freezing cold outside, we stopped to take some fun pictures with a few of them. Every time I look at them, they make me smile! And they make me miss Dory even more than normal (which is already A LOT)!

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