Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Premonition

Leaving the hotel in Dallas this afternoon after a fabulous weekend at a Dance Revolution with my sweet daughter I had only one thing on my mind.

Just one. (Which is rare considering the fact that I am ALWAYS multi-tasking. ALWAYS!)

Not trying to make sure that I knew where I was going on the never ending maze of highways and interstates- even though I didn't exactly know where I was going.

Not thinking ahead to all that awaited me at home- laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, and all that fun stuff.

Not thinking about how I missed my hubby and wanted to kiss his sweet face- although I did miss him and wanted to kiss his sweet face.

Not thinking ahead to all that must be done at school after missing school on Friday- although there is a TON.

My mind was on one simple thing.

Something I had been missing terribly since early Friday morning.

Two whole days.

My love.

Mi amor.

Mon Amour.

And so I tuned out the chatter from the car and focused intently on scouring the frontage roads looking for a sign.

THE best sign ever.

And yet I did not see one.

For miles and miles and miles and miles I looked and did not see one.

We continued on past exit after exit after exit with my heart feeling so very sad.

All of a sudden I saw a sign for Exit number 38 and I had a premonition.

I felt relief flood all over me.

Somehow I just knew that my love would be waiting for me there.

I immediately changed lanes and exited at exit 38- which just happens to be the same number as my current age. A true sign, don't you think?

I scoured the roadside and pulled up to a stoplight.

Sadly I did not see my love anywhere but as I waited for the light to change my sweet friend Betty looked to the right - and there, just a few blocks down there it was!

I pulled in to place my order with a huge smile over my very tired face.

My premonition was right.

My Sonic Sense was intact.

And all was well.

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