Monday, November 17, 2008

Paybacks are FUN!

Remember back a few months ago when I arrived at school one Monday morning to find this?

My friend Josh had pranked my room and Betty's room- along with a little help from our friend Shawna.

I've spent the last few weeks pretending I had forgotten that little prank.

But forgotten I had NOT.

This past weekend my alma matter- Baylor University (which is NOT known for it's sports ability)- beat our hometown team- Texas A&M. Now Texas A&M is a school that takes it's football VERY seriously and is known for it's football team,. As a result, they consistently beat my poor little BU team. So the fact that Baylor won this weekend was a huge victory and one I was tickled green over!

Now Josh is an Aggie (as is just about everyone in this town). A die hard Aggie. During the game in Waco- where Josh was in attendance (as he is at EVERY SINGLE A&M game- home or away)- I texted him each time Baylor scored. Just fun little messages like "Go Bears!" or "Sic em Bears!". I never heard back from him but am sure he just loved those little surprises from me!

Since it was such a great and unusual victory- and since I won't be at school first thing tomorrow morning because Maddie has an orthodontist appointment- I decided this was the perfect time to pay him back for his little prank.

So after a visit to several dollar stores here in town to find some green supplies (Baylor's colors are green and gold) we were ready to go.

So this morning, Josh will be greeted with this sign on his door.

And will open that door to see his room:

I even changed the desktop on his computer.
That's what he gets for leaving his computer on and himself logged in. :)

This is a note I left on his suggestion box. Good suggestion don't you think?

Paybacks ARE fun, don't you think?

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