Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Choices

Christmas Choices

1. Tinsel or NO Tinsel?

NO Tinsel

2. Colored lights or white lights?

White, white, and only white

3. Fruitcake or gingerbread?

Gingerbread, but only if it's soft.

4. Bows on packages or no bows (just lucky to have the presents wrapped)?

BOWS- and lots of them! I mean..........come on, I went to Baylor!

5. Shopping done early or shopping done at the very last minute?

Done early- but always go out and find a few more things at the last minute.

6. Santa or no Santa?


7. Open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Christmas Eve- except for Santa

8. Real tree or fake tree?

Love real but have fake now because it's easier and less messy! I used to worry constantly that a real tree would die before Christmas, no worries with a fake tree!

9. Christmas cards: always, sometimes, or never?

Every other year.

10. Christmas Eve at home or at church?

Church if we are in town.

Now it's your turn. What about you?

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