Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blessed Beyond Measure

As I stop today to thank God for the
many, many, many undeserved
blessings in my life
I am truly in awe of His love
for me and for you.

We truly are the apple of His eye,
the bee in His bonnet,
the Cool Whip on his pumpkin pie,
the cherry in His Sonic Diet Coke.

Regardless of how many times
we lose our tempers,
are ugly to those around us,
snap at others,
are selfish and thoughtless,
He loves us simply because
He is who He is.

And because of that fact
we are truly
Blessed Beyond Measure!

On this day of Thanksgiving
my prayer for you today is that you
are reminded
over and over and over again
how much God loves you!

Happy Thanksgiving sweet friends!

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