Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Randomness on a Tuesday Morning

Since I've been super busy the past few days, I haven't had much time to write. But since many of you have emailed or left comments with questions for me, I thought I would give you a few quick updates.

So let's see............

Still Straight? Yep- although it's been hard for me to do I have stepped away from the curling iron and have stayed away from it. So far the reactions have been great and very positive. A few people at church almost walked past me without saying anything Sunday because they didn't recognize me. It sure has been easy to do in the mornings- which is an added bonus! Here's another goofy pic for proof :)

Why a Diet Sprite instead of a Diet Coke? I have no idea. The only explanation I have is that I had already had a Diet Coke that morning and I just wasn't in the mood for one (And that my friends have NEVER happened). I tried to be very discreet when ordering so that Maddie wouldn't hear me but that girl has some SERIOUS ears and doesn't miss a thing. I honestly think that is the first time I have ever ordered something other than a Diet Coke at Sonic. Other than water which I sometimes order in addition to- not instead of- my Diet Coke.

Did you come up with an idea for the shampoo and conditioner costumes? Thank goodness yes! Honey and I worked this evening and after I get some clear packing tape to tape the label on- they should be finished. Maddie was at dance while we worked on them and was absolutely thrilled when she got home and saw them. I'll be sure to post pictures once they are done!

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends!

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