Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Menu

It's been a super busy weekend full of much too much good food, sweet family, some great shopping, lots of fun and laughter, and a precious Savior who died for our sins. No time for a new recipe tonight but I thought I would share our Easter menu with you.
  • Honey Baked Ham
  • Mom's Macaroni and Cheese (which I just realized I have never posted and simply must b/c it's YUMMY!)
  • Fresh Green Beans with Onions and Pepper Bacon
  • Debbie's Squash Casserole (b/c sweet Debbie is joining us for lunch)
  • Watergate Salad
  • Mama's Rolls (which I also realized I have never posted and promise to later this week)
  • Deviled Eggs (gotta use those Easter eggs somehow)
  • Italian Coconut Cake
  • Nana's Chocolate Pie (I'll get this recipe and post it soon too)
Happy Easter!