Thursday, April 21, 2016

GOOD News 4/21/16

I love happy stories.
You know, those happy, inspiring, tear producing stories that
remind you there IS good in the world!
I LOVE those so very much!  
I love them so much that I seek them out
daily to remind me of the good in people.

I share lots of those types of stories on Facebook 
but here are a few of my favorites from the past week!

Get your Kleenex- this is a tear jerker!
These sweet kids surprise their cancer- stricken
teacher with "I'm Gonna Love You Through it!"
Watch their sweet faces!

Two undergrads at the University of Washington
 created gloves that turn sign language into speech. How cool is that?

These high school students surprise one of their biggest fans
 to show him how much he means to them.

After their friend was diagnosed with cancer, 80 students, 3 female teachers, and both male principals and even a student's mom- shaved their heads!

This Russian teen born without fingers is now a celebrated piano player!
I have zero excuses for saying I can't do something!

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