Saturday, March 29, 2014


About a month ago I decided one night to order some personalized pencils to give away. 
Now that may seem random, and if you know me I AM random, 
but it all started because I saw a cute pencil on a picture someone posted online. 
I remember thinking how I loved personalized pencils and how I should order some-
So I did......and promptly forgot about them. 

They arrived a few weeks later and I was super excited when I opened the box! 
They were so fun and colorful- I snapped a pic and posted it 
on Instagram and on FB with the hashtag #whoneedsapencil

Quite a few friends responded and since I work for a school district,
I printed out some You Are Loved cards and dropped them in the mail to them the next morning. 

Each morning as I drove to work for the next week I prayed that God would bring to mind 
people who needed the reminder that they were loved. 
And He always did. Some were close friends. Others were just acquaintances. 
But whoever God brought to mind, I sent them a pencil, 
often feeling a little silly thinking they might think
 I was weird for sending them a pencil. 
I mean- who does that? 

But I very quickly started getting texts and emails and
FB posts saying how much people loved the pencils and
how they so often arrived at just the right moment. 
It was so neat to see how God used a
silly little pencil to remind people that He loved them!

So I sent more pencils and ordered some more. 
And I started thinking.....
maybe there are other people who need that tiny reminder 
and maybe I should send them a pencil too!
And so I started another blog:
 and ordered some envelopes and

So.....if you need a reminder that you are loved
or if you know of someone who does,
 just fill out the form below and I will get one sent to you! 

And if you get one send me a pic and I'll post it
or post it on IG with the hashtag #whoneedsapencil.

I'm not sure how I'm going to cover postage to mail all these pencils 
but I know God will take care of it!

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