Sunday, March 11, 2012

Would You?

Yesterday was the first day of spring break and it was rainy and cold and dreary. 
Just the perfect kind of day to stay home which is what we did. 
Our day consisted of watching movies, eating, napping, and playing cards- 
which was heavenly.

It pretty much rained all day- slow and steady rain.
Around 6pm we finally decided to venture out for a few errands.
Well of course the sky opened up and it started 
STORMING as soon as we did left home. 
It rained so hard that we could barely see the road ahead of us!

After our errands we had planned to go eat before picking up 
Madison from dinner with some friends 
but it was raining so hard we decided to go ahead and 
pick up something at a drive thru and head home. 

As we contemplated where to go, I saw someone walking on the side of the road- 
the other side of the road.
Now at this point it was POURING rain. 

I pointing out the young man and Tony made a U-Turn 
so that we could pull over next to him. 
We pulled up, asked if he needed a ride, and he said "YES!"
He jumped in the backseat. And this man- he was WET. 
Soaked to the bone bless his heart. 
{FYI- My sweet husband has a concealed hand gun permit 
so we were quite safe picking up this stranger}

He told us where he lived and Tony started heading towards his house. 
He told us quite a bit about him on the drive. 
He was new to the area, 24 years old, living with his uncle, and looking for a job. 
As we drove towards his uncles house he told us that 
he had walked to the mall to search for the job. 
That walk is at least 6 or 7 miles- and this young man walked it- 
in the rain just to try to find a job.

I thought about him quite a bit last night. 
Thinking about how much he was truly want a job- 
to walk all that way, in the cold and rain,
 just to get applications for jobs he may or may not get. 
I thought about the motivation that takes- and if I would be willing to do that. 
And I'd like to say I would- but sadly I don't think that I would. 

What about you.....would you? 

{And would you please pray for that young man? 
He has lots of challenges in front of him- 
and I'm praying for God to provide him with a job soon!}

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