Sunday, April 3, 2011

My 41 Random Acts of Kindness

It took me all week to finish my 41 Random Acts of Kindness
 this year since I didn't take the day off, it was a super busy week,
 and I didn't have the assistance of my BFF Dory
but I finally finish them- with some assistance from my sweet family!
What a great week it was!

Here's what I did:
1. Made Snicker Cookies for the District Attorney's office. 
{Being a juror made me so appreciate the difficult job they do!}

2. Bought Sonic drinks for the office staff at one of my schools.

3. Left laundry detergent tied with a ribbon 
and a bag of quarters at the laundromat.
{Doesn't he look thrilled? Sweet man went inside the
 super full laundromat to drop that off and get all sorts of crazy looks!}

4. Ding dong ditch! 
{you put a box of ding dongs on a friend's doorstep, 
ring the doorbell, and RUN!}
Cute printable can be found here.

5. Left treats for a sweet friend who has a home daycare-
 Easter eggs with treats for the kids, Calgon for the mama!

6. Donated diapers and wipes to the Hope Pregnancy Center.

7. Sent an encouraging card with scripture 
to a friend who is having a really hard time.

8. Made CD's of all the Smart Notebook lessons I've created 
and sent them to Tony's cousin who is a first year teacher. 

9. Left Whataburger gift cards for our trash men. 
{I tried to take a pic of the envelope taped on a box, 
but it was too dark outside when we left that morning!}

10. Mailed Sonic gift cards anonymously to two fellow Sonic addicts. 
{Can you believe they guessed it was from me?}

11. Bought a gift card and placed it inside a Bible at Hastings
telling the person who found it to use it to purchase a Bible!

12. Bought a drink for the person behind me at Sonic

13. Bought a movie theater gift card for Sonic Boy and Sonic Girl.
{They are going to use it to see Hop on Tuesday}
{I actually have a pic of Sonic boy getting it but I didn't post it for fear
 that people who went to that Sonic would tell him how 
I write about him on Facebook and I'd have to stop!}

14.  Mailed a surprise to my sweet friend Dia
 {I've known her since I was 4}.

15. Donated $50 to my sisters favorite charity. 

16. Bought a baby name book and some lemon candy 
{which helped me with morning sickness}
 for a sweet friend who is trying to get pregnant. 

17. Made dinner for a sweet friend who is pregnant
 and due in less than 3 weeks and folded her clothes for her.
{and has 3 girls at home already}

18.  Became a Post Pal and 
sent a card and email to several very ill children.
{such an easy and great way to help cheer up a sick child-
you should do it too!}

{and if you saw my sewing, you'd know this was a very RANDOM act!}

20. Made {I heart you because.......} frames for a few friends. 
{I'll share the printable tomorrow for anyone that wants it!}

21. Took coloring books and crayons to the ER waiting room. 

22. Gave out pop rock treats to some teachers in the mailboxes
.....because they ROCK!

23. Gave mini bundt cakes {that my sweet friend Betty made}
to the cafeteria ladies at one of my schools.

24. Took Sonic drinks to all the girls {and sponsors}
 who were trying out for drill team officer last week. 

25. Picked up items on the floor all throughout the grocery store. 
{What's up with people dropping stuff and just leaving it there?}

26. Made a banana cake with cream cheese frosting
for the office staff at one of my schools. 

27. Gave fortune cookies to some friends because
 I am so fortunate to have them for friends!

28. Took donuts to the janitor at one of my schools. 

29. Left boxes of sidewalk chalk 
at the playground for kids to find. 

30. Left some fun chalk messages on the porch of some sweet friends!

31. Taped lottery tickets on the inside of the restroom stalls at Target 
along with a note that said........Is today your lucky day?
{Tried to take a pic of this but had to hurry out because some people came in!}

32. Taped quarters inside a pay phone booth. 

33. Put money in the drink machines outside the grocery store.

34. Put quarters in all the candy machines at HEB.

35. Did Madison's chores for her- 
dusting and emptying trash cans.

36. Left Happy Signs on the mirrors in bathrooms 
at a school and the grocery store. 

37. Made 30 scripture card rings for a 
retreat for mom's who have lost children. 
{I'll also post the printables of these tomorrow 
in case someone would like these!}

38. Put back all the shopping carts in the parking lot at Target.

39. Made an appointment to give blood next weekend. 

40. Mailed a shirt to an old friend from high school 
who wanted to buy one-along with her check back!

41. Purchased an egg laying hen for the
It will provide eggs and a way for them to earn
 some much needed money. 
{This is the favorite RAOK I did!}

Such a wonderful week that truly blessed me beyond words!

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