Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big Girl Panties

I love the saying
Put on your big girl panties and deal with it! 
and say it fairly often. 
{usually in regards to myself}

As I mentioned the other day our school district is doing some major cuts and my position is being cut from 6 ladies down to 3.  I work with some amazing and fabulous ladies and this situation is difficult because we all truly love our jobs.  Knowing that only half of us will remain in our current position next year is hard and the not knowing until this summer is REALLY hard. 

We are getting together this week for a belated Christmas celebration
 {two of us were out for surgery in December} 
and I decided that perhaps we could all use some "big girl panties" 
so that is part of my gift for them.  

Here's what I did:

First I grabbed one of the tons of Crystal Light
 containers I have saved 
{I drink LOTS of it and the containers are awesome- 
you just have to cut off the wrapper and 
you have a perfectly clear cute little container!}
and cut off the wrapper. 

Next I purchased some plain ladies underwear. 
{of course you could use any kind of panties}

Next I rolled each pair of panties into a tight little pantie burrito
 and taped them with a piece of scotch tape.

Then I typed up a little paper with a cute pair of panties 
and the big girl pantie saying. 
{I'll post it below in case anyone wants a copy}
I printed them on a regular sized piece of white paper
 and cut off the space at the bottom. 

I took a pantie burrito and wrapped the piece of paper around it 
and secured it with a piece of double stick tape.

I slid the pantie burrito into the Crystal Light 
container and put the lid on. 

I then added some fun ribbon and my big girl panties were ready to go!
big girl panties


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