Friday, July 10, 2009

Things I Learned on My Summer Vacation

Road trips are always so fun and Madison and I had a ball traveling to visit my sweet friend Dory and her precious family. We traveled about 1,826 miles, listened to 3.5 books on CD, made only 6 potty/gas/food stops, sent lots of text messages, and took almost 900 pictures.

Besides having a wonderful and fabulous time, I also learned a few things on my trip.

I learned........................................................

  • Madison can sleep for a long time in the car. A LONG time.

  • You should NEVER tell your friends an old nick name you HATE WITH A WHITE HOT PASSION unless you WANT them to call you it. ALL THE STINKIN TIME.

  • Silly face pictures are fun no matter how old you are!

  • Movies are ALOT cheaper at home than in other places. ALOT. (hence the reason I go to the movies all the time!)

  • Taking pictures of a sweet baby with my new camera is SO fun!

  • Small towns have awesome antique stores with good prices! I bought some old shutters and an old window and already have Tony working on projects using both of them! :)

  • Doing things outside in states where it is NOT 100+ degrees in the summer time is actually fun!

  • My car gets GREAT gas mileage on the highway. 30.85 miles to the gallon. Woo hoo!

  • My favorite time with Dory on every trip is our early in the morning chats when no one else is awake. We do it when we are both at home- via MSN Messenger- but it's so NOT the same.

  • The roads in Arkansas are BUMPY!

  • Texas and Kentucky are WAY too stinkin far away from each other. I'm trying to think of a way to move them closer together. Any suggestions?

  • Dory's husband and I are alot alike. ALOT. (He says I am the male version of him and I think he might be right!)

  • When you are in a dark cave and someone takes your picture with a bright flash, STOP and wait till you can see again before moving or else you will end up with a huge painful bump on your head where you bumped your head on the rock. Hard. (Still have the bump to prove this one- almost a week later. What a dork.)

  • Dory can fall asleep anywhere and at anytime. (I am so jealous of this fact!)

  • Madison and I both have way too many stupid human tricks. Seriously. Are we freaks?

  • There are some weird people in gas stations in Tenn. The old Indian man who hit on me was creepy. CREEPY.

  • I enjoy ignoring my GPS system sometimes and telling it NO. Since I rarely tell people no so maybe this is my way of rebelling?

  • Dory's girls Beebo and Luby are so sweet and so much fun. I love those girlies!

  • Dory snorting when she laughs is a guaranteed way to make me start laughing. Every single time.

  • My OCD tendencies are rubbing off on Dory- she now has a Swiffer in her new van after she used to laugh at me for having one in my car! LOVE that!

  • I have successfully addicted Dory's family to Sonic. :)

  • Our three girls are so creative and can turn anything- even a bird that died next to the swimming pool- into something fun. (After naming him and bringing him home (in my Sonic cup) they held a funeral for him, complete with a will reading, casket, eulogy, burial, headstone, and flowers.)

  • Dory is truly a blessing and a gift from God. I know that I did not do anything to deserve a friend like her, but I thank God daily for her. She is fun and silly and smart and goofy and honest and I love her so very much! Thank you for a wonderful time Dory!

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