Thursday, July 23, 2009

13 Things I Have Realized (or Remembered) Lately

1. Going to the gym and exercising is not something I will ever like to do. It's a necessary evil- something I have to do to be healthy, not something I ever want to do.

2.Madison being home= a happy Mommy.

3. There are no coincidences. God places people and events in our lives at the exact moment we need them. And I am so very thankful that He does.

4. I love my car. My rent car? Not so much.

5. Consequences for living outside of God's will for you life and being disobedient to Him are often very long lasting. And it's hard for people to see and accept that.

6. Having Maddie ride in the front seat leads to some great conversations between us. (But it still makes me very nervous)

7. I do not believe that time heals all wounds but that it does make it possible for you to see the blessings that can come out of a difficult or painful time in your life. And that knowledge makes it easier to look for and see those blessings when walking through another trial.

8. I can eat a pound and a half (maybe 2) of grapes in one day all by myself. (Not that I would ever do that. :)

9. When others go through a tragedy, crisis or struggle, I so hurt for them and it is easier for me to pray fervently for them than it is to pray for myself. I so need to work on this.

10. The reason that someone is mean or ugly to you if often not the reason that you believe it is. Things aren't always what they seem.

11. My super cute but not so smart dog Belle is NEVER going to not have occasional accidents inside.

12. Other's trials make your own problems seems so minor and insignificant. Their tragedies truly give me perspective- which I often obviously need.

13. I am blessed.

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