Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day Sweeties

I love every holiday and any reason to make a treat for friends and family.

As Madison has gotten older though it's become more of a challenge to come up with new, unique fun treats for her to give to her friends at school.

Sometime last year while shopping I stumbled across some clear alphabet stickers. They were on clearance for a great price and so I bought several packages and tucked them away in my craft closet thinking that someday soon I'd find a use for them. (I do this all the time which is why I have a closet full of random stuff!)

As I started thinking of what to do for Madison's Valentine's Day treats this year- I remembered those cute little stickers. A quick trip to the store for some cute Valentine's Day paper (thank you Target Dollar Spot), some Valentine ribbon (Target Dollar Spot again), and some Hershey's nugget candy bars and we were ready to work.

I simply measured and cut the paper to fit around the little bars (to cover up the writing) and we taped them on with a small piece of tape on the back. Madison spelled out each of her friends names using the alphabet letters (getting creative when we ran out of Y's and E's) by placing one letter on each candy bar.

We then rubber cemented some additional scrapbook paper onto the back of some blank index cards cut in half lengthwise. We rubber cemented each little candy bar to the white side of the card and slid each one into a clear plastic bag (from Hobby Lobby in the bag section) and tied it with a little Valentine's ribbon.

Cute, personalized little sweet treats that were fun and easy to make!

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