Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fear/Anxiety Scripture Ring

I LOVE scripture rings and just about always have some in my purse or on my desk in case I 
(or someone around me) needs the comfort of some Biblical wisdom.  

In fact I gave a set away to a friend today who is having surgery soon 
and dropped another set in the mail for a friend who is going through a difficult time. 
(I even have a few sets in my ETSY store here & here  and here if you'd like to purchase some!)

Based on the feedback from the May Scripture Writing Plan, 
there are LOTS of us that struggle with fear and anxiety! 
So I decided to take one or two verses from each day and turn them 
into some printable scripture cards. 

There is a card for each day of the month 
and there are 8 per page for a total of 31 cards and 1 blank card. 

I just cut mine out, punched a hole in each one, 
and used a binder ring to hook them together. 
I also tied it with a ribbon because it makes it super easy to grab in a purse- 
and it looks cute! 
You can find the PDF of the verse cards HERE.  


  1. Those are a neat idea, Shannon. Thank you for sharing it with us. Might even help make memorization easier if we carry them with us and review frequently. Hiding the Word in our heart. Blessings!

  2. Gonna have to make these!!! Need one for ne, my daughter, my so..... Would be great with simple sayings for little kids to read out loud in the car!!

  3. Shannon, thank you so much for these beautiful Scripture verses! I printed them off on 100% cotton water marked cream colored resume`paper, and plan to glue them on colored card stock. That was so thoughtful of you and I really appreciate them. Happy Mother's Day and God bless, Bev

  4. Thank you, Shannon, for the lovely verse cards! Grateful to and for you! <3