Friday, May 28, 2010

Flashback Friday

This picture was taken on Easter in the yard of the house across the street from ours. 
I love our sweet dresses and fun lace hose.

The cute dresses my sister and I are wearing were handmade by my mother. 

It amazes me to think that at this time in our lives she was single,
had two small little girls whose dad was not involved in our lives at all, 
worked full time (commuting to downtown Houston to do so), 
cooked & cleaned & did all of the normal household duties 
and yet STILL had time to sew us matching dresses. 

Seriously, she WAS  super Mom!  


  1. You and your sister are simply adorable, and those dresses are just beautiful. I bet your mom is looking down at you and smiling that you are sharing your memories with all of us. What a testament to who she was.

  2. Very cute girls in very cute dresses! I love your little grin!

  3. I totally IS amazing that your mom had the time and energy to do it all. WOW.

    You were (and still are) cute as could be! :o)

  4. I think you take after your mom with all that you do, just different things. She would be so proud of the mother and woman that you have become.

    Your photos of the matching clothes bring back so many memories of clothes that my sister and I had that were matching and that my mum made. I may have to have her dig a few pics out to share.

    Keep them coming sweet friend!

  5. I have a similar background. My mom has 4 children and she worked full-time as well as making many of our outfits.

    Great memories.