Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sonic Logic

Anyone who knows me knows that I love, love, love Sonic drinks. I visit the same Sonic every morning. They know me and I don't even have to order there- they simply see my car and get my diet coke ready. Maddie once said...........Mom, you are addicted to Sonic. And I said........Yep, I am. It's the fuel that keeps me going. You don't want to know me without it.

I do struggle sometimes with feeling guilty that I go there every, single day and think about cutting back. But each time that happens, I use some sort of Sonic Logic to talk myself out of it. Here is one example of Sonic Logic.

This is an actual conversation Honey and I had while we were waiting in a cell phone store recently (doesn't it seem that you always have to wait forever when you go to the cell phone store?):

Me: I'm thinking that maybe I should stop drinking so many Sonic drinks this summer. You know, cut back some.

Honey: Uh huh. (translated to mean= I am not really paying attention to what you are saying but looking instead at this super snazzy phone)

Me: Well, I guess I could just stop getting one EVERY morning.

Honey: Uh huh. (still looking at the snazzy phone)

Long, long pause here. (as I waited and waited for Honey to talk me out of this idea)

Me: But you know, if I stop getting one EVERY day, they will probably stop giving me the special price ($1.07 for a Route 44 drink). Only the regulars get the special price.

Honey: Right. (finally looking at me now)

Me: So really, it would cost us MORE money if I stop going every day because I would have to pay full price ($2.14 for a Route 44).

Honey: Unless instead of going in the morning, you went during happy hour (2-4pm) every other day .

Me: Right but if I go to Sonic during Happy Hour, then I have to get Maddie something too- so because I would be buying two drinks it would be like I'd be spending full price for one regular drink. She knows she can't have a Sonic drink in the morning and never even asks. Going during Happy Hour would be more expensive, right?

Honey: Um, right.

Me: So I guess that I need to keep getting a Sonic drink every morning- so that I can save us money. Right?

Honey: (laughing) Right. Gotta love that Sonic Logic!

Some of us sure will go to ridiculous lengths to justify our silly addictions!

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  1. And for Happy Hour, you'd have to wait ALL DAY. Imagine how your day would be without getting the Diet Coke early? Your logic is flawless. :)

  2. You are too funny!


  3. Yes well.... Sonic Logic sounds perfectly normal, sane, and reasonable to ME. But then... someone I know (no names mentioned) says I use Dory-Logic to justify everything I want to do.

    I have simply NO IDEA what that means, do you?

  4. I use mom-logic for what I "need". LOL

    Talk about silly addictions. I am addicted to the green starlight mints from WallyWorld. Seriously. I will make excuses to go to WM and get them. I even know how many WW points they are and figure them into my day.

  5. I think they also call that circular logic. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

  6. You are my sonic twin!!!!!!!